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The Mission of Shattering Images, LLC is to educate, encourage, inspire, motivate and equip women to reach their full potential.


Shattering Images, LLC provides motivational & inspirational presentations to young-adult women and women’s organizations who are committed to empowering women to reach their true potential by addressing the negative barriers, that women oftentimes direct towards each other in the workplace and providing proven strategies they can use to begin to cultivate, supportive, professional relationships among each other in the workplace.

The Phenomenal Woman Affirmation

If you’re ready to reprogram your subconscious, free yourself from negative and toxic environments and relationships, rid yourself of mediocrity and experience the huge successes in life that you’ve always dreamed of, allow Dr. Dildra Martin-Ogburn to help you discover the power and strength that lies within you.

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Martin-Ogburn is an expert author and is committed to providing encouragement, guidance, and support to women in areas such as goal setting, career advancement, and personal growth, through her written works. Her articles are relevant, thought-provoking and informative. Please take a moment to browse and read her published articles listed below and send Dr. Martin-Ogburn your feedback at  Stay informed and subscribe to Dr. Martin-Ogburn’s “new article alerts” by clicking on one of her articles and scrolling down to “subscribe to new article alerts”, then check the box next to her name, finally enter your email address and click “subscribe”. IT’S THAT SIMPLE! You will now receive an alert when Dr. Martin-Ogburn publishes a new article.

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